Amphora Aromatics Sage Essential Oil 10ml

Amphora Aromatics Sage Essential Oil 10ml

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Product Information

Sage Essential Oil is derived from a small evergreen shrubby perennial herb. It is useful when blended in a carrier oil as a massage during menstrual periods.

Dilute well in one of our wide range of carrier oils and gently massage the abdomen for best results.

When burned or vaporised Sage is thought to help calm the nerves and soothe during times of grief or depression. Sage is a very potent oil and should be diluted to a maximum of 1% before application to the skin.

  • Reviving, detoxifying rejuvenating
  • A powerful oil, often used in massage to ease the muscles
  • An uplifting and stimulating oil when vaporised


Salvia officinalis L. Lamiaceae.

How to Use

To diffuse in a traditional burner, simply fill the dish with water and add a few drops of oil on top before lighting the candle. For electrical fragrancers, follow instructions given by the manual.

For massage: dilute in a carrier oil and gently massage over the skin.

Add a few drops to a handkerchief or inhale directly from the bottle if you are on the go.

Dilute in distilled water and pour into a spray bottle for an all-natural room fragrancer.

Add a few drops to a burner to refresh and revive the mind.

Dilute to a maximum of 1% and use in massage to detoxify and ease the muscles.

Add a few drops to your shampoo to promote volume and shine.

Blends Well With

You may find that Sage essential oil blends especially well with Bergamot, Lavender, Lemon, and Rosemary.


Camphor (up to 34%), cineol (up to 35%), limonene (up to 41%), camphene (up to 20%), pinene (up to 20%) and other minor constituents.

Salvia officinalis Oil


Dilute in a carrier oil before skin application. Keep away from children and out of eyes. Do not take internally or apply undiluted to the skin. For further advice on using essential oils to treat medical conditions, we recommend you seek advice from a professional.

Please note that Amphora Aromatics Ltd cannot be held responsible for any injury, illness or adverse reaction to any recipes, instructions or advice given. It is the responsibility of the end user to ensure that they have followed the relevant safety protocols and that they are aware of any possible side effects before use. We always advise that a skin patch test is carried out before full usage of any natural product whether purchased from ourselves or elsewhere.

Technical Documents

Allergen Declaration

IFRA Conformity Certificate

Safety Data Sheet

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