Amphora Aromatics Vanilla Musk Fragrance Oil 10ml

Amphora Aromatics Vanilla Musk Fragrance Oil 10ml

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Product Information

Vanilla Musk Fragrance. Fragrances are an inexpensive way to perfume unscented soaps, hair products, and body oils.

They are also great for use in burners, electric fragrancers, radiator fragrancers, and as an inexpensive way to refresh Pot Pourri. Fragrances are also excellent for those looking to create their own individual perfume blends.

TOP TIP: For the most wonderful personalised scented stationery: Soak small squares of blotting paper or absorbent fabric and place in a box with some good quality writing paper or greetings cards - do not allow the scented square to touch the paper! Seal the box and leave for 3 weeks.

Please be aware that these products are chemical synthetics of natural products. Therefore, they have no therapeutic value - they just smell nice. Remember to dilute to at least 1% before use on the body.

  • A sweet and rich aroma with strong overtones of ice cream
  • Man made synthetic fragrance - can be used with burners, vaporisers and in blends
  • Dilute to a maximum of 1% before use in massage

How to Use

It can be added to an electric diffuser or traditional oil burner, added to the bath or used in the making of soaps, candles, and other bespoke gifts.




Dilute to 1% or less in a carrier oil before skin application. Keep out of eyes. Do not swallow.

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